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Teen Depression Help

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Teen Depression Help from this new book

A Relentless Hope: Surviving The Storm of Teen Depression

By Gary E. Nelson

(Published by Cascade Books, an imprint of Wipf & Stock, a traditional publisher)

  Depression and related illnesses threaten to wreck the lives of many teens and their families. Suicide driven by these illnesses is one of the top killers of young people. How do teens become depressed? What does depression feel like? How can we identify it? What helps depressed teens? What hurts them? How do families cope with teen depression?

  In A Relentless Hope, Dr. Nelson uses his experience as a pastor and pastoral counselor to guide the reader through an exploration of these and many other questions about depression in teens. He's worked with many teens over the years offering help to those confronted by this potentially devastating illness. The author also uses the story of his own son's journey through depression to weave together insights into the spiritual, emotional, cognitive, biological, and relational dimensions of teen depression. The book is written for those without formal clinical training, so it appeals to teens, parents, teachers, pastors, and any who walk with the afflicted through this valley of the shadow of death. Through careful analysis, candid self-revelation, practical advice, and even humor, this pastor, counselor, and father, reminds us God's light of healing can shine through the darkness of depression and offer hope for struggling teens and their families.


  Dr. Nelson recently released an insightful video about teen depression. Please have a look and leave a comment here. Please note, the link leads to YouTube, which may be blocked (either the site, or just all videos on it) if you try to view it from work.

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