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A Relentless Hope: Surviving The Storm of Teen Depression

By Gary E. Nelson

(Published by Cascade Books, an imprint of Wipf & Stock, a traditional publisher)

Interview with KLOVE

Gary was interviewed the other day about teen depression for KLOVE radio. You can go KLOVE's website to listen in now!

Also hosted on: Air1.

Featured in Ask Amy of the Chicago Tribune

  A Relentless Hope was featured recently in the "Ask Amy" column of the Chicago Tribune. In response to an inquiry regarding an isolated 15 year-old who had made hints about suicide, Amy Dickinson recommended Gary's book to both the writer and to the parents of the suffering teen. She reminds the writer that there is a very real difference between normal teenage angst and teen depression, and that they should seek help for this person immediately. If you or somebody you know may be suffering from teenage depression, please visit our Additional Help section to learn more about what you can do. You can read the "Ask Amy" column in full here (It's the second letter).

Interview on KRQE

Gary was recently interviewed on KRQE news in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They discussed how difficult it can be to identify teen depression and how important recognition and awareness is. To see the interview, please feel free to view it below. You can also visit the KRQE website at, and view it there.

Teen Depression Video

Gary recently released an insightful video about teen depression. Please have a look and leave a comment here. Please note, the link leads to YouTube, which may be blocked (either the site, or just all videos on it) if you try to view it from work.

ALIVE Christian Music Festival

Dr. Nelson was a featured speaker at the ALIVE Christian Music Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio. For more info visit Alive.Org.

Interview on KOMO TV

Gary was recently interviewed on KOMO TV in Seattle, WA, WTAP TV in Parkersburg, WV, and WTVR TV in Richmond, VA. The video can be found here.

WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio

On Sunday, January 27th, an interview with Dr. Nelson was featured on Connecticut Public Radio, WNPR. You can find the show, The Real Life Survival Guide, and more information (including a transcript) here.