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First, I'd like to thank everyone that has read my book and gained something from it. Your support is appreciated, now and always.

Here are some examples of what others have said about A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression.

Merle R. Jordan "The title of this book says it all. A Relentless Hope brings hope to people who are experiencing the hardest, darkest time of their lives. It gives hope to the parents and the teens that life is possible, even in the worst depression. I will keep this book on my shelf and loan out whenever possible."

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Merle R. Jordan "Whether you are a youth struggling with depression, a family member of a depressed teen, or a pastor, counselor or teacher providing support and help in such circumstances, this book is a must read as the most informative and helpful volume available on the subject."

    Professor of Pastoral Psychology emeritus, Boston University School of Theology

Maxine Clarke Beach "This story of a family is an incredible gift of honest reflection. So many families deal with the issue of teen depression... As the dean of a theological school I am aware of the numbers of youth that my students deal with who are in this book. Depression, self-medication with alcohol and drugs, self doubt and even considerations of suicide as an answer - all are in our communities and probably in even a small church. This book is about an attitude that avoids denial, attempts to keep a sense of humor, and believes in the miracle of life. Thank you, Tom, for allowing your story to be told."

    Vice President and Dean, Drew Theological School

Rev. Dale Seeley "This is a story of amazing grace! I love the challenge Gary gave the reader throughout the book: 'Never give up on loving!' I was reminded in a very tangible way of the limitless capacity of God who loves us the same way - He never stops! What an incredible mantra for all of us: 'Never give up on loving... Never!' I wonder how different our world would be if we practiced this command?"

    Pastor, Downtown Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Ruth Harper, Counseling Today "...this little book demonstrates the power of it's title, A Relentless Hope... For therapists, this book offers much to consider...For teens, those with or without a diagnosis of depression, this book radiates acceptance,empathy, and hope... A unique and valuable feature is the chapter on spirituality...Nelson is master of the prosaic metaphor...Throughout the book, analogies and comparisons...and a host of other everyday, often light-hearted images illustrate Nelson's conversational, common-sense approach to the complex topic of teenage depression...The book is a work of love about the power of love. And that, in itself, is healing."

    From a review in the August, 2007 edition of Counseling Today magazine by RUTH HARPER, Professor of Counseling & Human Resource Development, South Dakota State University

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